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We Help Busy Professionals Prioritize Their Health & Get in Incredible Shape.

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  • Strengthen your body

  • Improve your mood

  • Boost your energy

Stop Failing Yourself

For far too long you have been putting yourself last.

You have tried various training methods, but you’re simply not getting results.

You ’re feeling weak, exhausted, and out of shape.

It ’s time to take control of your time, be held accountable, and to make health a priority.

Rebuild strength and feel confident about the way you look.

Unlike other gyms where you’re just a number and the coaches don’t care, at CPMFitness we are dedicated to helping our clients get the best results through quality coaching and a high level of accountability.

Create Life Balance

Create steadiness (harmony) between your family, career, and health.

Build an Athletic Body

Build lean muscle, burn fat, and gain healthier joints and longevity.

Gain Confidence

Stay accountable to look and feel your best self.

We understand that it’s hard to stay in shape while managing a busy life schedule.

We are Chris and Annie Mello. We’ve been in the fitness industry for more than 20 years — we actually first met at the gym in 2001. We co-own and operate CPMFITness. We’ve been married since 2007 and have young twin boys.

We believe everyone should want, need, and deserve a fit, healthy, and energetic body. As working professionals and parents, we understand how challenging it can be at first to take control of your fitness, but how your life will be transformed when you do.

Three steps to success

No more thinking about it. No more talking about it.

It's time to take action with these 3 steps.


Book a Call

Speak to one of our coaches
so we can learn more about your and your goals.


Meet your Coach

We pair you up with the right coach specific to your training and nutrition goals.


Begin your Program

You are now on your way to becoming stronger, fitter, and getting into the best shape of your life!

What clients say about us

CPMFITness has been an amazing experience. Christel was the perfect person to help me meet my workout goals through a highly customized route. Highly recommend.


Brandon Maddox

CEO, Silencer Central

I can’t say enough about how amazing CPM Fitness is and the quality of training/coaching they provide! I have been working with Christel since January and she is nothing short of spectacular as a coach.


Nikki Kallenberger

NP at Avera Hospital

Frequently Asked Question

I’m not sure if I want to join CPMFITness. Can I just drop in and try out a class?

You can try out a class when you are ‘pre-qualified’. We are a coaching-driven program. We require that we get to know you — your history, where you are now in terms of your fitness, your goals, and everything relevant for us to work together.

To do that, we need to go through our assessment phase. If you are “already fit,” you would have the opportunity to “test out” of the Fundamentals Program (see next question).

I’m fit already — do I have to start with your Fundamentals Program?

Have you been regularly squatting, dead lifting, and pressing? How about snatching and cleaning dumbbells? Climbing ropes?

We have established (high) movement standards that you must meet in order to gain entry to our regular group classes. If you are competent at performing basic gymnastics movements, the power and Olympic lifts, and are already fit, you may be a candidate for testing out of the Fundamentals Program and jumping into group classes.

Contact us to learn about our programs and your options for getting started.

I haven’t worked out in a really long time — will CPMFITness be too challenging for me?

Absolutely not! This is exactly why we have you go through our Assessment Phase. We can find out your exact goals and needs. From there, we can create a custom Fundamentals Program and focus on what you need most to find the fastest and most sustainable path to getting in your best shape. We teach our clients how to lift weights, gain strength and flexibility, lose weight, and how to scale and modify workouts. You will then be fully equipped with everything you need to join our group classes and take full advantage of the intensity and community.

I don’t want to lift weights because I don’t want to get too muscular.

If you are really worried about this, read this article. But the short answer is no, lifting weights will not bulk you up. In fact, it will help you burn even more calories and look great.

Do you have showers?

Important question! Yes — we have two showers and provide towel service.

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Are you Ready to Succeed?

"We help Busy Professionals Prioritize their Health and Get in Incredible Shape. Sioux Falls’s only gym crafted for career-focused, goal-oriented professionals and working parents."

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